NOVEMBER 2021 KOSMETICA N. 8, An interview to Prof. Aquino, Chair Holder UNESCO Chair Salerno, Italy

On November 2021, the article “Nutraceutici, Principi di bellezza opportunità e criticità del connubio tra cosmetici e integratori” by Elena Pirani is appeared in the magazine KOSMETICA. The article is built around the synergy of nutraceuticals and dermo-cosmetics from natural sources. Several testimonials and case studies are presented. Rita P. The development and characterization of Castanea sativa spiny burs extract (CSE) used as a bioactive ingredient in O/W emulsion for skincare has been presented by Rita Aquino. Both in vitro/in vivo assays and clinical trials demonstrated the high bioactivity of this new formulation developed from a typical Mediterranean plant.


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