Development, characterization, and clinical investigation of a new topical emulsion system containing a Castanea sativa spiny burs active extract

The Mediterranean sea offers a rich heritage of plants for health; an interesting example is Castanea sativa, which phytocomplex from the fruit and spiny burns is not fully characterized. The present study focused on the development and characterization of a Castanea sativa spiny burs extract (CSE) used as a bioactive ingredient in O/W emulsion for skin care. Physicochemical and technological properties for dermal application were evaluated as well as the safety. A single-blind, placebo-controlled, monocentric study was designed to evaluate the skin tolerability and the performance of the CSE-loaded emulsion on healthy human volunteers. The product caused an improvement in skin biomechanical properties such as hydration, elasticity and reduction in the periorbital wrinkles in 30 days without altering the skin barrier function, sebum, pH, and erythema values. A significant skin moisturizing effect was detected while the skin barrier function was preserved. The final product satisfies the regulatory and consumers requirements representing a typical Mediterranean formulation for skin care.

Chestnut plantations of Monte Romola, Avellino, Campania.

Year: 2021

Authors: Esposito, T.; Mencherini, T.; Sansone, F.; Auriemma, G.; Gazzerro, P.; Puca, R. V.; Iandoli, R.; Aquino, R. P.

Tipology: Scientific Article – PHARMACEUTICS. Vol. 13. Pag.1634-1659 ISSN:1999-4923.


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