Trovare una cura in tempi di epidemie. Il caso della Peste di Giustiniano.

La ricerca di un vaccino e di una terapia contro il SARS-CoV-2 è oggi la priorità del mondo medico. Ma come si comportavano i medici durante le epidemie del passato? Un caso significativo, la cosiddetta Peste di Giustiniano. Anno di pubblicazione 2020 Autori Alain Touwaide e Emanuela Appetiti Tipologia Articolo- Trovare una cura in tempi di […]

Onion Peel: Turning a Food Waste into a Resource. La pelle di cipolla: una risorsa o uno scarto?

Onion (Allium cepa) waste consisting mainly of onion skin is rich in bioactive phenolic compounds. The flavonoid profiles and biological activities of onion skin wastes of two traditional varieties with protected geographical indication (PGI), the red “Rossa di Tropea” and the coppery “Ramata di Montoro”, typically cultivated in a niche area in southern Italy, were […]

A novel approach for habitat classification, mapping and monitoring by supervised machine learning modelling (SMLM)

In the light of the “Biological Diversity” concept, habitats are cardinal pieces for biodiversity quantitative estimation at a local and global scale. In Europe EUNIS (European Nature Information System) is a system tool for habitat identification and assessment. Earth Observation (EO) data, which are acquired by satellite sensors, offer new opportunities for environmental sciences and […]

The ancient Chinese medical literature revealed an enormous wealth of ideas on hair disease pathogenesis and the formulas for its treatment.

With the kidney association in mind, over 400 Chinese medical books were investigated to collect the materia medica and formulas recommended for the treatment of hair loss created by the Chinese physicians of the past. This huge volume of information was categorised in three groups, according to the historical periods and their simple and compound […]

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