May 26th 2023-UNESCO Chair SALERNO, scientists and people at the heart of the Salerno cultural richness

On May 26th, a large audience of scientists and public attended the Meeting “Salerno Medical School: History, Myths, and Current Scientific Research” organized by the Salerno UNESCO Chair Plants for Health in the Mediterranean Traditions and the Interdept. Centre ALTHEA in the City Hall of Salerno.
The debate has provided a comprehensive overview of different fields of knowledge, such as Humanities – history (Amalia Galdi, Maria Consiglia Napoli, Alfonso Tortora), phylology (Corinna Bottiglieri, Sabrina Galano), manuscript and ancient texts (Alain Touwaide) – and Life Sciences – Pharmaceutical technology and study of Bio-activity (Rita P. Aquino) of plants for health from Mediterranean Traditions. Pharmaceutical Sciences may support results from Ethnomedicine and Anthropology studies (Tania Re).
Advanced methodologies for the analysis and quantifications of plants composition and bioactivity may validate the use of Mediterranean plants for wellness and well-being.
The result of the meeting is a proposal in the area of Digital Humanities; a trans-disciplinary database (Maria Senatore) combined with AI methods (Maria Carannante e Valeria D’Auria), forecasting models, near-real-time visual representations which may give reliable prediction and more accurate estimation of the validity of potential current use of Mediterranean plants in the Healthcare Systems all over the globe.


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