June 29th 2023, “ Herbal Medicines and Green-Med for the intestinal wellness” at UNICAL with UNESCO Chair Salerno

<< abstract >> UNESCO Chair Salerno is offering its contribute to Herbal Medicines and Green-Med for intestinal wellness at the University of Calabria (UNICAL)  Italy, – Department of Pharmacy, Health and Nutrition Sciences, June 29th 2023. A scientific contribution is offered by Rita P. Aquino (Holder of the Chair) and Giovanni Canora (Co-founder of the Chair). Giancarlo Statti, full professor of Pharmaceutical Biology, affiliated with the UNESCO Chair Salerno shall coordinate and moderate the discussion. Navigating through microbiota and epigenetics, intestinal dysbiosis and nervous system, and inflammatory-based intestinal diseases, the lectures will offer a view of the role of plants, nutrition, and plant-based supplements in intestinal well-being.

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