30th NOVEMBER 2021, The declaration of the Italian UNESCO Chairs for sustainability, Rome, Ministry of Education

The UNESCO Chair of the University of Salerno “Plants for Health in the Mediterranean Traditions”, chair holder Prof. Rita P. Aquino, announces that on 30th November 2021, in the Aldo Moro Room of the Ministry of Education, the Declaration of the Italian UNESCO Chairs for Sustainability is going to be presented.
The Declaration was produced by all the Italian UNESCO Chairs as the final act of the project “Dialogues of the UNESCO Chairs: a laboratory of ideas for the world to come”, which began in autumn 2020, structured as meetings to stimulate scientific dialogue on the objectives of the ‘2030 Agenda.
The Declaration will be signed by the two Ministers, Patrizio Bianchi (Education) and Cristina Messa (University and Research), and formally delivered to UNESCO through Franco Bernabè, President of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, and Stefania Giannini, Deputy Director-General for Education UNESCO.
The Italian UNESCO Chairs, operating as a collective entity, aim to contribute to the ecological revolution which requires an integrated thought, the commitment of all, and a change of gaze on oneself and on the world, through the co-creation of a new paradigm of human development in harmony with the planet that hosts us.

The Declaration will subsequently be presented by the Italian Chairs also at the Dubai Expo.

For information:
Secretariat of the Dialogues of the Italian UNESCO Chairs
e-mail: segreteria@dialoghicattedreunesco.it

Link: Event available in live streaming on the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Education https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkXe8ER4UMnq74Ry82qDlFg

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