October 3rd 2022 A year with UNESCO Chair Salerno – An interview to Rita Aquino, Holder of the Chair, in Sole24ore.

<< abstract >>,  A year together studying Mediterranean medicinal plants – In Sole24ore, an interview to Rita Aquino, Chair Holder, marks the anniversary worthily. Research of Chair “Plants for Health in the Mediterranean Traditions” consists in recovering and studying relevant information on Mediterranean medicinal and food plants from historical documents and assessing it through cross-disciplinary analysis. The fascination of the project comes from the unique Mediterranean nature and ecosystem, the crossroads of different cultures bordering the Mediterranean basin. The review of the project status after the first year confirms the very positive trend. Co-founders and researchers of different disciplines are involved in – Researching and interpreting ancient knowledge with today’s scientific tools, – Sharing, findings and Supporting research on the efficacy and safety of ancient practices, – Exploring novel applications and Contributing to the development of sustainable strategies in modern pharmacotherapy, herbal cosmetics, body care and nutrition. The central point is Salerno Medical School which constitutes a smart and successful convergence of Mediterranean medical cultures.

Link: https://minisiti.ilsole24ore.com/scenari3ottobre/scenari3ottobre.pdf

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