June 2022 The second and third Conferences on the Salerno Medical School – organized by the inter-departmental Center “Althea” of the University of Salerno

Following the first lecture “Il medico Menecrate di Siracusa. Tra realtà e finzione” (May 19th 2022), the second and third talks of the cycle “Conferences on the Salerno Medical School – Body of knowledge Theories and Practices among tradition and modernity” are coming.

  • 2022 June 16th, 5.00 pm, Giuseppe Mandalà, University of Milano
    “Medici senza frontiere. Scienza e Culture dei re di Sicilia (secoli XII-XIII)”
  • 2022 June 27th, 6.00 pm Alain Touwaide, UNESCO Chair Salerno
  • “Salerno al di la’ del mito. Nuove ricerche sul contesto della Scuola medica”.
    The UNESCO Chairs of Salerno is pleased to support and share with you the event

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89032718179?pwd=ZxbCAdMTD09E–WanM6TsNXinDldnu.1#success

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