July 15 and 16th 2022 UNESCO Chair Salerno at “ Herb Fest” . Campobasso, Italy

On July 15 and 16th 2022, in the Villa de Capoa, Campobasso, Molise, Italy, Herb Fest will be take place. Giovanni Canora will give lectures on “Italia giardino d’Europa: piante officinali, salute ed economia rurale” (15 July) and “Medicina verde: equilibrio psico-fisico ed emozionale” (16 July). This  fest is devoted to ancient knowledge on officinal and edible plants, applied botany. ethnobotany,  herbs’ therapeutic utilization, plants-lyfestyle-well being  in the light of sustainability and environmental education goals, including Molise and South Italy ancient traditions. Promoter and speaker, Giovanni Canora co-founder of the UNESCO Chair Salerno.

Link: https://www.molisenews24.it/festival-delle-erbe-campobasso-2022-78510.html

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