October 27-28th 2022 – First Regional Meeting of the UNESCO S C Chairs & Centers for South East Europe and the Mediterranean, Venice, Italy

The UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe is organising on 27-28th October 2022, a high-level Regional Meeting of UNESCO Science-Related Chairs and Centers.

Rita Aquino, Holder of the Chair, shall present the contribution of the Salerno UNESCO Chairstudying the Mediterranean Medical Traditions and  Salerno Medical School as the central point of a smart and successful convergence of Mediterranean medical cultures.

The Science–Related UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme and the UNESCO Category II Centres and Institutes form two very strong networks, notably in South-East Europe and the Mediterranean. The two networks promote collaboration and contribute to UNESCO’s science programme through capacity building, exchanging information, research and advanced training. The meeting will bring together the Science-Related Chairs and Centers in South-East Europe and the Mediterranean Region with the aim of harnessing the strengths of the regional networks to confront the most pressing science-related and environmental issues for the Region and to explore the future collaboration of the two constituencies across disciplines in the sciences.

Link: https://en.unesco.org/fieldoffice/venice

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